Restaurant and Hotel Equipment Repair


Cardinal Machine is your source for restaurant and hotel equipment repair.



Every restaurant or hotel (big or small) has equipment that continuously needs repaired.


From mixers, to saws, to tables and chairs, we can help.


We can also repair or manufacture new stainless steel countertops, replace faulty equipment, replace belts or hoses on existing equipment.


Ask yourself, when was the last time my condenser coil on my freezer was cleaned?


or maybe, I wish I knew someone who could  replace this broken handle on the oven.


Maybe, it's a furnace filter that needs replaced.


We can do it.


If we can't fix it at your place, we are also a full machine shop, with all the latest equipment. We will bring it back to our shop, and repair it to new.


There are specialized companies for elevators, HVAC units, and Electricians. But we fill the void that these companies can't. 


Think of us as your industrial handyman service.








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