Positive Displacement Pumps


SX Rotary Lobe Pump

The SX range of rotary lobe pumps has been designed for use

on wide ranging applications within the Pharmaceutical,

Biotechnology, Fine Chemical and Specialty Food industries. 

Being certified by EHEDG

  (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group)

 as fully CIP cleanable to their protocol, the SX range is ideally

suited to applications where clean ability and corrosion resistance

is paramount. In addition to being EHEDG compliant, the SX pump

  range also conforms to USA 3-A Sanitary Standard 

and all media contacting components are FDA compliant. 

The SX pump operates with a high efficiency, low shear

  pumping action for assured gentle handling of delicate

and sensitive media. The SX range is compact in size,

capable of flow rates up to 115 m/h and pressures up to 15 bar.

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SRU Rotary Lobe Pump


The SRU range of rotary lobe pumps has been 

designed for use 

on wide ranging applications within the Brewing, Dairy, Food,

  Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries. The SRU pump can

handle from low to high viscosity 

media and is suitable for CIP (Cleaning In Place)

and conforms to USA 3A Sanitary Standard.

The characteristic smooth, low shear pumping action

is ideal for products such as creams, gels, emulsions,

aerated mixtures, and delicate cells and organic solids in

suspension. The SRU range is compact in

 size and highly efficient, capable 

of flow rates up to 106 m/h and pressures

up to 20 bar. The new improved modular design

provides for greater application flexibility and cost effective

easy maintenance.

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