Spray Devices


LKRK Spray Balls

The LKRK is a fixed spray ball used for cleaning storage tanks in the food and beverage industries.

Fixed spray balls are used for less demanding cleaning duties.


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TofteJorg SaniJet20

 The Toftejorg SaniJet 20 is a sanitary, rotary jet head device that cleans in a 360o indexed pattern. Designed for permanent installation, the device is completely self-cleaning and self-draining and has an integrated self-cleaning downpipe (patent pending). The drive mechanism is located outside the tank or process equipment, leaving a minimum of parts to be submerged into the product.

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Toftejorg MicroSpinner

 The Toftejorg MicroSpinner is a rotary spray head that uses cleaning media to provide coverage and impact. The device represents an effective alternative to traditional static spray balls because it uses low volumes of cleaning fluid at low pressure.

The double ball bearing in the Toftejorg MicroSpinner’s rotating head makes the device suitable for all industrial cleaning applications, including tanks, reactors, vessels and other containers ranging from 0.05 to 1 m³(10 - 250 US gallons), depending on dimensions and cleaning task.

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GT 270 FT Mark 1

 Gunclean Toftejorg 270 FT Mark I is a fully programmable turbine driven single nozzle tank cleaning machine. The turbine driven model will immediately be in operation for cleaning by just opening the supply valve.

Single nozzle, programmable

Oil or Grease


Hot galvanized

30-90 m3/hour

The Gunclean Toftejorg 270 FT Mark I is designed for installation onboard crude oil, bulk, product carriers and FPSO's.

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