About Us

Cardinal Machine Incorporated was founded in 2000, by Michael Hayes. It started out as a machine shop that concentrated on work for the food and beverage processing industry. In doing this we have found that lubrication and general neglect on industrial equipment is the main cause of company down-time.


            Knowing how to repair the equipment at our facility is easy. It's repairing equipment that some places don't have the capabilities or resources or sometimes the man power to take apart, that led us into the direction of on-site repair. Over the past few years, we have found that some customers HAVE their own maintenance crew, but with the current economic times, and cutbacks, they don't have the ability to pull one person off of fixing one machine to maybe repair another or to do the required general maintenance to the other equipment. That's were we come in


            Cardinal Machine Inc. has the knowledge, tools and resources to maintain or repair most all equipment. We don't do the specialized things, like elevator repair, or wiring in a ceiling fan or light fixture, or repair HVAC units, nor do we do anything related to houses or apartments, there are other companies that do that sort of thing. What we do is repair conveyors, gearbox's, repair or replace faulty pumps or seals, replace faulty hoses, repair or replace broken bolts, belts, handles, or shafts, install new airlines to different locations, we build or repair faulty safety guards, and much, much more. We do all the things that the BIG contractors don't want to mess with, or don't have the knowledge to do.


             Have a certain machine that isn't running or maybe it's not running smoothly? We can probably help, and at a fraction of the cost that the BIG contractors have to charge.  You are not obligated to sign any contracts for repair work. We come in, repair the equipment, then leave. If you need us back for another problem, call us and we will come back. We charge a flat rate (excluding machine shop time if needed) for normal business hours, and don't charge anything for an estimate. So give us a call. We are more than happy to stop by and give an estimate, and if you are happy with that, we can usually begin work immediately.






                                  Thank You for your interest,

                                                                     Michael Hayes



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